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Kokanee Egg Collection
Kokanee Egg Collection
Kokanee Egg Collection
Kokanee Egg Collection

Hatchery Egg Work
Kokanee Egg Hatchery Work
Kokanee Egg Hatchery Work
Kokanee Egg Hatchery Work

Trout Pen Planting
Shasta Pen Plpant
Shasta Pen Plpant
Shasta Pen Plpant


Central California Inland Fisheries Kokanee & Salmon Foundation, Inc

Kokanee Power is a non-profit organization of volunteers & members dedicated to the enhancement of California and Oregon Inland Kokanee, Trout & Salmon Fisheries. Kokanee Power, in part, provides assistance to the California Department of Fish & Game and other Fisheries Enhancement Organizations in their ongoing efforts to keep these fish in public waters. We also promote inland fisheries enhancement through various netpen projects such as those at Collins, Lake Almanor, New Melones, and Shasta Lake, support of hatchery programs, education through scholarships & grants, and sportsmanship through our various fishing derbies & tournaments. Our membership of more than 1200 men and women volunteer their time, money and enthusiasm to accomplish this task. Would you like to be a part of our effort? CLICK HERE TO JOIN! Isn't it time you get involved?

LAST UPDATE: November 01, 2014

PGE Logo                 PG&E Supports Kokanee Power!
PGE's environmental awareness is far reaching and that they have entrusted us with a partnering responsibility in those efforts is both noteworthy and appreciated. We look forward to the continued opportunity.
What's Happening!!
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-8 - The October Newsletter is here. It includes an update on the proposed new limits for Kokanee.
  • Shasta Lake Trout Derby Oct. 11,12 - The big Shasta fall derby is next weekend. Click on the link for details or call Harold Jones - 1-800-953-4432 from Sugarloaf cottages to sign up.
  • Eggs, Eggs and more eggs... - The first egg take on the Little Truckee yielded 859,100 Kokanee eggs which is over half the goal according to Kyle Murphy from the CADFW. The next egg take has not been scheduled yet but stay tuned for the next opportunity.
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-7 - The September edition is here to talk about the Circle of Life and derby recaps from Stampede, Pardee and Shaver
  • Volunteers needed for first egg take - The First Kokanee Egg take is next Tuesday on the Little Truckee. Click on the link for details.
  • Shaver Lake Derby Photos - Check oiut the Shaver Lake Derby photos provided by Jim Travis.
  • Shaver Lake Derby Results - 80+ participants came out to enjoy a beautiful Saturday of excellent fishing. The bigger fish were in the 15+ inches class and roughly a pound. Thanks to all that participated to support the fishery and the organization.
  • 2014 Kokanee & King Salmon Plants - The plant numbers have been provided b the DFW, Click on the link for the Kokanee numbers or go to the fishery section to review Kokanee or King plants by year.
  • Pardee Lake Derby Photos - Great photos of the Pardee Lake event are in the photo gallery. Check them out here or on Facebook.
  • Pardee Lake Team Kokanee Derby Results - Thanks to all that turned out for the Pardee Derby. Click on the link for the results.
  • Stampede Derby Results - Check out the Stampede derby results
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-6 - A Melones recap along with a primer for Stampede and Pardee. Also check out the article on the AmazonSmile program. Click on the link for this months newsletter.
  • 2014 New Melones Derby Photos - Photos from last weekends derby are posted in the photos gallery. Thanks to Dave Weaver for taking all the great shots.
  • New Melones Derby Results - Another awesome derby with feisty Kokanee challenging everyone. Thanks to all that participated. Click on the link for the results.
  • Shop @ and KP benefits - Amazon has a great program where purchases will donate 1/2 a percent to Kokanee Power. Click on the link for details.
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-5 - A Pedro and Almanor recap along with a preview of Melones. Click on the link for this months newsletter.
  • Lake Almanor Derby Photos - Check out some Almanor derby photos in the Photo Gallery.
  • San Joaquin Kokanee Release - The last of the Kokanee were deployed from the San Joaquin Hatchery with help from the Kokanee Power volunteers assisting the DFW staff. Check out the photos.
  • Shasta & Pedro Derby Photos - Check out the photo gallery for pictures from the Shasta and Pedro events.
  • Lake Almanor Derby Results - Record attendance and record weights were turned in to help benefit the 50,000 fish put annually with the volunteer help of the Almanor Fishing Association.
  • Don Pedro Derby Results Posted - A great derby and plenty of fish were caught. Check out the results in the derbies section or click in the link.
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-4 - A recap of the record breaking Shasta derby and a preview for Don Pedro.
  • 2014 Shasta Derby Results - The Shasta derby produced record weights this year and the bite was great. Thanks to all that participated and help from Sugarloaf Cottages and the Basshole that help make this event happen. Check out the link for the results.
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-3 - The April edition is out and is a primer for the Shasta Derby.
  • Sporting Clay Shoot Starts Us Off With A Bang - Another fun KP sporting clay event for the memories.
  • Kokanee Power at Bass Pro Shops - KP was at Bass Pro Shops in March to help with the kids fishing ponds to promote fishing. Click on the link to go to the photo gallery.
  • Kokanee Kronicles 2014, Vol. 3-2 - Take a look at this months edition of the Kokanee Kronicle.
  • Pine Flat Derby Cancelled - The Pine Flat Derby has been cancelled due to low water at the lake. Click on the link for details.
  • 2013 Project Funding - Take a look how Kokanee Power contributes money towards the fishery and great causes in 2013.
  • Melones gets a new Trout Pen - Trout were planted in a new trout pen at New Melones. Check out the Facebook photos.
  • Kokanee Kronicle 2014 - #1 - Enjoy the 1st newsletter of 2014 and read about the upcoming banquet.
  • Tweet! Tweet! - Kokanee Power is now on Twitter. If you are a Twitter user click on the link and follow us. Just another way to stay in touch with the organization. You can tweet us @KokaneePower
Past Activities:
Kokanee Power was busy in 2013 beyond the 9 regular derby events. Here's some of the activities listed below. Check out our Message Forums and the Projects Page for more details on many of these activities.

-- 2013 - Kokanee Power continues to support 30 trout pens, the most of any organization in the state by providing food and pen resources.
-- October - The Kokanee Egg Takes produced 1.7 million eggs in two events. They will be reared for release in 2014.
-- May - Sep - 8 Derbies were held to raise funds to support the fishery.
-- May - The first Sporting Clay Inaugural event was held.
-- April - Kokanee Power Pen Trout were released at various lakes
-- March - The annual Kokanee Power Fundraiser banquet was held in Lodi. Thanks to all who attended.
-- The Kokanee Kronicle Newsletter started up and was active every month of the year.
-- January - ISE Show Sacramento. Another great show and volunteers helping man the booth.

In Memory of Phil Johnson
A Tribute To Our Founder

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