These are the men and women who are dedicated to service for this year. Their responsibilities include direction, governance, policy and the execution of their vote. They represent the desires of the entire organization to the best of their abilities. They provide the focus for current projects and future endeavors. They mediate the by-laws of the organization.

Board of Directors  Officers

Mario Lopez - Riverbank
Jake Flohr - Fresno
John Lico - Vallejo
Kevin Smith - San Mateo
Wes Hamasaki - Sacramento
Steve Quintal - Stockton
Ken McDonald - Manteca
Nancy Coe - Folsom

President ::
Gary Coe - Folsom

Vice President ::
Al Millan - Daly City

Vice President ::
John Minnis - Truckee

Treasurer ::
Jack Schultz - Pleasanton

Secretary ::
Kathy Johnson - Merced

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Kokanee Power is a volunteer organization. Everyone is giving of their time without monetary compensation.


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