New Melones 2-Day Kokanee Team Tourney - July 19,20, 2014

  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1James Brittain & Mike Kielty76.25
2Rich Crispi & Petra Ciara75.90
3Kevin Smith & Robert Mulready75.80
4Jack Schultz and Alan Traynor75.80
5Doug Philpott & Brent Honnoll75.20
6Ron Hufford & Brett Brady71.60
7Gary Coe & John Lico71.55
8Bob Turner & Greta Hall70.60
9Mark Watzke & Chris Bronken69.05
10Greg Yost & Kyle Wise68.95
11Robby Mannon & Geo Rojas67.75
12Dale Gibbons & Jason Tidwell67.40
13Steve & Danny Quintal66.05
14Mark Damron & Brent Bala65.15
15Brian & Victoria Stahley64.20
17Big Trout
18E. Keeler, D Fuhlendorf, E Mat62.05
19Gary Vella & Ron Wilson56.15
20Gary Coe & John Lico52.00
22Blind Bogey
23RJ Sanchez
24Dave Weaver & Ken Hopper
25Rand & Kaye Smith

Junior Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
1Cole Dugan24.65
2Ty Collins22.05
3Dustin Alvarnez21.80
4Marshall Alvarnez20.3
5Tanner Holguin19.85
6Hunter Holguin18.95

Pro Division
  Name Weight (oz.) Length( cm.)
No Pro Division at this Derby.

Here's the Kokanee Power 2-Day Kokanee Power Team Derby results. We had great participation and camaraderie among Kokanee fishing fanatics. Kokanee were caught from 50 to 110 feet for those brave enough to do a little tree dodging here and there as the Kokanee were embedded just about everywhere. The bite was pretty good for most and fish in the 13.5" class were needed to place in the top 15. With the lake at near historical lows it made the ramp a bit challenging but most everyone gave themselves a bit extra time and learned some patience with the ski crowd. Thanks for your participation in supporting the fishery and hope to see everyone at Stampede.

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